A Speech Unheard


My Fellow Americans:

As you know, this morning terrorists struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon using commercial airliners as weapons. This is a national tragedy that will long be remembered.

The men who did this were criminals, cowards and have embarrassed their mothers and shamed their fathers, for they gave no warning, made no demands, and made no provision to allow the infirm, women, or children to escape. Using the trust of good people as their tool, and surprise to gain the upper hand, they showed that men of low character can strike a blow that hurts.

But they will not prevail. For the God of all mankind will punish them unendingly for their crime. And those who have given them support in preparing for this devious attack will suffer the contempt and revulsion of the world. No honest man, no upstanding woman, can forgive the murder of innocents, nor show understanding for the criminals’ cause.

It is too late for us to punish those who did these acts, for they have already perished, and will be punished everlastingly. But they have left tracks, and we will follow them relentlessly until we have found their lairs, their unclean holes, and there we will find those whose minds are similarly tainted, and we will bring them to justice.

This was a terrorist strike, and those who did it, will never do it again. While there may be others who would want to act the same, we will block it. They will see that the support they expected from their homeland, or homelands, has disappeared with the news of their shameful lack of character. Because of the loathing of those they expected to impress, they will find it necessary to change their plans. They will find that those who once gave tacit support have now reconsidered what they want to have on their conscience, and will report their names to authorities, and those names will come to us. We will use all resources to bring them to justice.

There will be no more hijackings of passenger planes, because the paradigm has shifted. Never again will passengers sit still to be used as a bomb. The passengers on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania demonstrated that, and they did not have days or weeks to plan the uprising. The character of Americans does not allow for any hijacker to get away with such criminal behavior again.

And no pilot will ever allow himself to be removed from control. Any pilot now will crash his plane before he allows his plane to be used for terror. And now, any would-be hijacker knows this too. No changes in security are required because the awareness of Americans has been expanded. This form of terror can never succeed again.

This group of bandits would steal our peace of mind and our liberties, not just the lives of the innocent victims. This we can prevent. The courage of Americans is legendary and I call upon all of us to come together to protect our land, our property, our lives, and our freedoms. Individually, each person must call upon inner reserves and faith in the rightness of this nation of democracy to find the strength to go on with life. We must not allow this insult to our safety and our pride to change our way of life.

Rest assured that your government will leave no stone unturned in the search for the bugs and worms that want to hide from the light of day. And I know that we can count on the help and support from all civilized people all around the world as we bring criminals to justice.

Thank you for you strength, your courage, and your prayers. 



Copyright Voice of Reason, 2001